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5 funniest episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie

5. MST3K: The Movie. Although theatrically released, this is essentially no different from the television program: the wrap around segment with the evil Doctor Clayton Forrester is kind of lame, but Mike and the ‘bots (Crow and Gypsy) are in top form as they ridicule This Island Earth, a 1950’s alien invasion flick.

Short - Keeping Clean and Neat

4. Shorts, Volumes 1 & 2. Ok, so the shorts don’t really qualify as a proper episode of MST3K, either. That being said, the crew frequently hit their peak with these outrageously funny short documentaries that were meant to teach personal hygiene, driving safety, and ethical behavior. I particularly love “Cheating,” which they describe as “Ingmar Bergman’s first American film!”

Pod People

3. Pod People. Aliens land in a remote woods, terrorizing a pair of hunters and a group of musicians on a weekend holiday away from the studio. A boy adopts one of the aliens and names him “Trumpy,” but his love is misplaced - Trumpy is a killer.

The story is a ridiculous mix of “The Creeping Terror,” “E.T.” and the television program “ALF.” Even the segments in between the film parts were hysterical, which doesn’t often happen. I loved the bit where Trumpy looks over the boy’s menagerie of pets and Joel & the bots say (in a British accent), “It all looks so good, I don’t know where to start…this potato has long ears.” The “idiots control” song was great, too.

Space Mutiny

2. Space Mutiny. A disgruntled villain named Kalgan (”Me, take me away!”) plots a mutiny to take control of a space ship (hence the title). A blond bodybuilder who screams like a girl and an over the hill floozy (”Did you see me butt?”) race around in golf carts to stop him. Another Joel episode, this movie is so bad that is features stolen footage from the original Battlestar Galactica in place of special effects.

Cave Dwellers

1. Cave Dwellers. A barbarian warrior named Ator battles the evil Zor for possession of the “geometric nucleus,” an atom bomb like device. With the nubile Mila and silent Thong by his side, they fight cavemen, invisible attackers, samurai mimes, and a giant snake puppet. Ator storms the fortress of Zor in a hang glider.

Quite literally, my wife and I fell off of the couch laughing at this one. For me, this is the ultimate MST3K episode. Great lines from Joel and the ‘bots include, “Even Tolkien couldn’t follow this plot,” and “are we still in the flashback?” Hearing them sing during the hang gliding scene is unforgettable.

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