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AMC’s Prisoner Campaign

A couple of days ago I wrote about and the mysterious puzzle cards that I recieved. As I noted then this is part of a marketing campaign to promote AMC’s new version of the 1960s cult classic The Prisoner.

The the website was actually only part of a grassroots campaign that AMC launched at Comic Con. In addition to the puzzle cards transparent stickers with the number 6 were placed on ceilings, floors and restroom mirrors. Dozens of numbered men in black suits wandered the convention floor saying “I Am Not A Number” and “The truth is right beside you” and the phrase Seek The Six was written in the sky above the convention center.

AMC’s reinterpretation of The Prisoner is intended to be shown in 2009. Currently not that much is known about the prodution which will run for six episodes. James Caviezel has been signed to play Number 6 and Sir Ian McKellen will be playing the role of Number 2.

The re-make was originally a co-production with Britain’s Sky One, however they dropped out citing creative differences with AMC.

Many of the themes of the original series are as or even more relevant today as they were in the 1960s. I’m quite nervous about a remake of such a distinctive series, but there is a lot of potential here.

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