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The Big Apple Gets A New Comic Convention

Reed Exhibitions, the world�s largest organizer of business-to-business events, has today announced the launch of New York Comic-Con, a new trade as well as consumer event, which will focus on comics and all matters relating to comics and associated fields including graphic novels, manga, anime, games, film, television, toys, videogames, and licensing rights. The event will take place annually in New York City and will be designed to attract the…

Things To Thank George For

I was taking to a long time friend of mine about Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith film and I said that I believed all the money was up there on the screen. Lucas never takes the easy way out and always attempts to show you something new. That�s his strength as a director. It doesn�t always work out but a least he tries.

I went away, thought about this, and…

Musical Directing Chairs

The director of the Rush Hour movie trilogy has been picked to step into the breech left by the departure of Matthew Vaughn and is going to helm the forthcoming X-Men 3 project.

Self confessed comic book fan Brett Ratner, who was on the original short list to direct the first X-Men film but subsequently lost out to Bryan Singer, was the person who fitted the requirements of both Marvel Entertainment…

Panels Without Borders: Ten

This week Marvel made another effort to reinvigorate the MC 2 universe that was brought into existence with the Spider-Girl origin story published in What-If issue 105. This eighties tale lead to the creation of a whole line of comics set in this possible future comic universe but only the ongoing Spider-Girl title had any real success or longevity arising from it.

The premiere issue of this brand new attempt called…

Eisner Documentary Finally Gets An American Airing

Comic Con International, the world�s biggest comic book event, will this year be hosting a special tribute to legendary creator Will Eisner who passed away in January of this year, aged 87.

As part of that event there will be the initial American showing of a three part documentary chronicling the mans life and work which was filmed by Brazilian filmmaker Marisa Furtado.

The film has already been aired to great…

Take Me Out To The Comics Museum

Comic book entrepreneur Steve Geppi is a stage further in realizing his lifelong dream of establishing a museum for comic books and pop culture.

Yesterday the Maryland Stadium Authority voted to lease space in Camden Station baseball park to the Baltimore native for a period of twenty years.

Stadium authority Chairman Carl A.J. Wright thinks Geppi’s museum would be an ideal complement to the existing Sports Legends facility at the ballpark. �There’s…

To Lose One Director Is A Misfortune: To Lose Two Seems Like Carelessness

Matthew Vaughn has sensationally quit the X-Men 3 movie just weeks before the start of principle photography. The 34 year old director, who is probably most famous for being married to supermodel Claudia Schiffer, was only brought into replace Bryan Singer a few months ago.

The official reason given is that he had decided not to uproot his wife and family from their London home to the Vancouver location where the…

Captain Picard Does Seem To Need Doctor Crusher After All

Star Trek and movie actor Patrick Stewart was today playing down reports of a heart scare as he filmed scenes for his brand new science fiction show in Manchester, England.

The 64-year-old actor was rushed to Manchester Royal Infirmary casualty department after he complained of chest pains. He was connected to an ECG heart monitor and then given a full physical check up by the hospital staff.

The actor released himself a…

Panels Without Borders: Nine

Phil Jimenez work appears twice in this weeks list, so lets begin with his 12-issue creator owned project from Vertigo comics. OTHERWORLD number 3 is out and I have waited until now to discuss it because it is not an easy book to review.

There�s plenty going on in this comic. A vicious war between two different worlds, where either magic or technology rule, is the main back-story here. This conflict…

Reuben Awards Handed Out

The cream of the nation’s cartoonists congregated in Scottsdale, Arizona last Saturday night to honor the year’s top cartoonists at the 59th National Cartoonists Society Reuben Awards.

The profession’s highest honor, the NCS REUBEN Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year, went to PAT BRADY, creator of the syndicated comic strip “Rose Is Rose.”

The Society’s Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award went to legendary cartoonist and author, GAHAN WILSON.

In addition, cartoonists in…

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