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Blakes 7 Episode Guide - Orac

The Liberator takes the medication needed by Ensor to the planet of Aristo. But Blake and company arrive to late and Ensor is dying. He gives Blake his new computer which he has named Orac. When the Liberator's crew test Orac's abilities it seems that it can predict the future. Then Orac claims that it has seen the destruction of the Liberator in the near future.

Writers: Terry Nation
Director: Vere Lorrimer
Air Date: Monday March 27th, 1978

Guest Cast
Phibian #1 - Paul Kidd; Ensor & Orac - Derek Farr

Orac is the final member of Blake's team and stays in the show for the rest of its run.


Blake's 7 Season 1 Episode Guide

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