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Star Wars Trilogy DVD Easter Egg

There’s a blooper hidden on the fourth disc in the set. Load up the special features disc and from the main menu go to Video Games and Still Galleries.

Use your remote to type 11 then press the enter key. Now type 3 and hit enter again. Finally type 8 and then enter. If you’ve done it right you will get to watch a blooper reel with clips from all…

Tanequil Review

Tanequil is the second book in Terry Brooks current series, The High Druid of Shannara. It contains all the elements you’d expect from a Shannara book and yet somehow something is missing.

Our primary villain gets very little face time, yet when he does he comes across as little more than a schoolyard bully. The secondary villains don’t actually seem to do anything despite lots of talk. A character who has been…

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