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Star Trek Movie Cast Photos have posted the first set of posters for the next Star Trek film. Each poster highlights one member of the new cast.

I’ve not been that enthusiastic about the whole Star Trek reboot, but I have to say this at least does look good. The actors seem to have been well picked at least as far as looks are concerned.

One thing I particularly like is the fact that the Romulan…

Straczynski Says No More Direct To DVD Babylon 5

Slice of Sci-Fi are reporting that J Michael Straczynski is saying he has no interest in doing more Babylon 5 projects unless its a full scale feature film. In short that means don’t expect to see any more projects like Babylon 5: The Lost Tales.

Overall I’m inclined to agree with him. I’m a huge fan of the Babylon 5 series but most of the spin-offs have been lackluster at best.…

See The Watchmen Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming Watchmen film will be played before The Dark Knight. But as these things seem to happen, it’s out on the internet a little early and here it is:

I’ve been quite concerned about Watchmen, but this looks nice! Of course that’s the purpose of trailers I realize, but honestly if you’re a fan of the comic, you have to get a chill from seeing this trailer.


Terminator Salvation Teaser Trailer

Terminator Salvation is a movie I’ve been keeping my eyes on with great interest. I loved the original Terminator and thought Terminator 2 was a good sequel. Lets not talk about 3. The Sarah Connor Chronicles shows some promise but has yet to completely capture me.
Image by Getty Images via Daylife
With Terminator Salvation though there’s an opportunity to reboot the franchise and take it back towards the tone of the…

Dead Space Trailer

There’s a new trailer out for the soon to be released game Dead Space. I talked about Dead Space recently when I mentioned their sweepstakes to win 100 sci-fi and horror DVDs (there’s still time to enter).

The trailer below apparently was banned by the ESRB in the states. That seems a little excessive if you ask me, but the developers have taken a few lessons from horror movie trailers with…

Coming From Eos Books In July and August 2008

Harper Collins‘ science fiction and fantay imprint Eos Books has quite a few books coming out during July and August 2008.

From this list I’d say that one that probably has me most interested is The New Space Opera which is a short story collection. But that may be because I’m not familiar with some of the other books.

Which books are you most looking forward to picking up?

Book Author On Sale
The Divine Talisman…

Captain Stoneheart and the Truth Fairy In Stores Now

I’m told that the hardcover edition of Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo’s Captain Stoneheart and the Truth Fairy (subtitled a Grim Tale of Broken Bones and Broken Hearts) will be in stores from yesterday (7/10/08).

“CAPTAIN STONEHEART, as he was known by tremblin’ ol’ Sea Dogs, was a Savage Nightmare of a Beast, feared not just for his Sword or his Ship or his Might, but most especially for his Temper!…

Warners Working On ElfQuest Movie

According to the Hollywood Reporter Warner Brothers are working on movie adaptation of the cult comic series Elfquest. Rawson Thurber has been fingered to write, direct and produce the movie which will be based on the Richard and Wendy Pini books.

Originally self-published in 1978, the series follows a tribe of elves called the Wolfriders as they try to find other tribes of elves as well as interacting with tribes of…

SF TV Will Be Big This Year

… or so says the Hollywood Reporter who are predicting that Fringe, the new J.J. Abrams show will be the biggest of the lot. Of course genre television shows had a prety good year last year with Heroes and Ghost Whisperer both winning their timeslots.

Fringe is about an FBI agent who finds herself working with an institutionalized scientist in order to explain a series of unexplained phenomena.
Image via Wikipedia
The Hollywood…

Missing Metropolis Footage Found

Slice of SciFi has a report on the recent recovering of some rare footage from the the classic science fiction movie Metropolis which was directed by Fritz Lang. Apparently the footage was discovered in a museum in Buenos Aires. The version of the film that has been found contains scenes that have never been viewed by an open audience.

This is an incredible find. Metropolis was a ground breaking science fiction…

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