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We’re down to the final two episodes now and it’s obvious that Russell T. Davies has something big planned for his exit from the show. SciFi, being SciFi had already given away who the main enemy was, but there were still plenty of questions about what was going on.

Stolen Earth opened at a breakneck pace as the Doctor and Donna returned to Earth only to find it… stolen. And from…

The opening action sequence with Ronan’s capture was fine, but the chummy dialogue which preceded it just sounded fake to my ears. Atlantis always seems to have trouble with these “downtime” scenes. It’s a problem I didn’t notice in SG-1 and it may be because the Atlantis world is relatively undeveloped whereas SG-1 was firmly grounded in present day earth.

I’m definitely liking the addition of Woolsey to Atlantis. There’s no…

Movie Reviews: Kung-Fu Panda, Wall-E, & Space Chimps

I’m a science fiction fan and I have children. So it’s no surprise that I find myself, from time to time, watching children’s movies. Children’s movies have been influenced by the fantasy genre for so long, it does my heart good to see movies coming out that are actually being influenced by science fiction…

Space Chimps

I was expecting much more from this movie. The concept, a movie about chimpanzee astronauts, seemed…

This DVD has a lot riding on it. Stargate: The Arc of Truth was the first straight to DVD release and it had the advantage of finishing up a plotline that had begun on TV. Stargate: Continuum has to stand on its own merits.

In order to justify the asking price Continuum has to offer a lot more than just a feature length episode of Stargate: SG-1. So does it?

Well it…

The Immortal Iron Fist #17
Writer: Duane Swierczynski
Artists: Travel Foreman, Russ Heath
Publisher: Marvel

Despite the different writer, this is very similar in tone to what has come before and given all the work done to establish the Iron Fist legacy, the notion that Danny Rand might die at 33 is fairly believable. I didn’t care for much of the artwork though. The historical Iron Fist scenes were good, not so much the…

Doctor Who: Turn Left, Review

Last week we had the Donna light episode, this week it’s the Doctor light episode. I’ve actually really enjoyed the different atmosphere that Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) has brought to the TARDIS, but I wasn’t sure how well she would do as the center point of an entire episode.

The conceit is quite simple. What would Donna Noble’s life have been like if she had never bumped into the Doctor? The…

Stargate Atlantis: The Seed, Review

I’d seen trailers for this episode of Stargate Atlantis, and they weren’t very inspiring. It’s a pretty hackneyed idea after having someone be taken over by an alien plant. But let’s not rush to judgement. Old ideas can still be done in interesting ways.

I think putting Woolsey in charge of Atlantis could lead to some interesting internal conflicts which this show will benefit from. Often the Atlantis team is just…

Doctor Who: Midnight, Review

In previous seasons we’ve had episodes that are Doctor and companion “light” in order to give the stars a little recovery time. This season they took a slightly different approach so this week we get a Donna “light” episode and next week it will be a Doctor “light” episode.

We’re also now at the start of a short run of episodes by Russell T. Davies to round out the season. That…

Weekly Comic Book Reviews For 7/21/08

Amazing Spider-man #566
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Phil Jimenez
Publisher: Marvel

It’s a risky move doing a sequel to one of the classic Spider-man stories. I’m actually not that big a fan of Kraven’s Last Hunt myself, but it is very highly regarded. I quite like the idea of someone targeting Spider-man but actually getting his friend instead. Peter Parker borrowing Daredevil’s uniform was an amusing moment too. All in all Kraven’s First Hunt…

Stargate Atlantis: Search & Rescue Part 2, Review

Stargate Atlantis returns for its fifth season with Search & Rescue Part 2 which concludes Season 4’s closer. Nice pan out from the ruined building into space and across to Michael. I wonder how much they spent on that special effect?

This was actually the first episode of Atlantis that I watched in SciFi’s HD broadcast and the special effects in particular did benefit from it.

Unfortunately I’m really not a fan…

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