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Charlie Jade, Moonlight, Smallville & Eureka News

Charlie Jade Insomniac?

Its bad news for Charlie Jade fans because the Sci Fi Channel has moved it from a decent Friday 8PM slot to a Monday 3AM slot due to poor ratings. It seems unlikely that the new slot will improve the ratings, so I guess they’ve given up on the series.

I guess we can now line up the usual arguments about lack of advertising (I didn’t see any), the fact they are still showing Wrestling. But mainly this misses the point.

It’s pretty obvious that Sci Fi never really had any confidence in Charlie Jade to start with and created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now I’m not convinced that it was ever going to be a huge ratings hit. The show is not the easiest thing to follow (you have to concentrate) and that isn’t conducive to big tv ratings. Still it should have had a big enough niche audience to survive on the Sci Fi Channel. Check Doctor Who’s ratings sometime, they’re not exactly stellar.

Its all rather disappointing. I don’t get too upset when shows are given a fair shot and fail. But 2 episodes without promotion and then a graveyard slot? That’s weak.

DirecTV Mulls MoonlightMoonlightLine to get all DirecTV customers to announce themselves and non-customers to pledge to subscribe.

Honestly I wouldn’t put too much weight on this one. DirecTV has done something similar with Friday Night Lights so it’s not impossible. But at this stage it seems to be fairly casual interest on DirecTV’s part. Still if you’re a fan I imagine some chance is better than none.

Smallville Gets New Cast

After all the upheaval it seems that Smallville is looking to repopulate it’s heavily slimmed down cast. Actors Sam Witwer and Cassidy Freeman are set to join the cast for season 8 of Smallville.

Sam Witwer will play the character of Davis Bloome who is described as a Metropolis paramedic forced to confront the darkness inside him that might be a harbinger of doom. Meanwhile Cassidy Freeman plays Tess Mercer who is the hand picked successor to Lex Luthor.

Maybe all of this change will be the shot in the arm that Smallville needs, but I do have my doubts.

Eureka Gains Another Cast Member

And finally some Eureka news. Apparently actress Ever Carradine will join the cast of Eureka as a recurring guest star. She is expect to appear in at least four of the eight episodes that will be broadcast in Eureka’s summer season. Carradine will play Sheriff Carter’s free spirited sister Lexi.

I’m looking forward to another season of Eureka. It’s just a fun show.

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