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Christopher Nolan to Direct The Prisoner Movie?

Christopher Nolan is apparently close to signing a deal to direct a movie version of the classic 60s British television series The Prisoner. The movie will be based on a scrip by Janet and David Peoples.

The Prisoner, which ran for one season of 17 episodes in 1967, starred Patrick McGoohan as an unnamed government agent who after resigning is kidnapped and held in a place simply called the Village. The show revolves around Number Six (as he is designated) attempting to escape while Number Two (played by different actors each week) attempts to extract some information from him.

Christopher Nolan is of course hot off his successful Batman movie Batman Begins which has resurrected the Batman movie franchise. The current plan is for Nolan to direct the modernized version of The Prisoner some time after he finished The Dark Knight which is the sequel to Batman Begins. Janet and David Peoples wrote the script for Twelve Monkeys together and David Peoples co-wrote Blade Runner so they do have some writing credentials.

Personally I’m a huge fan of The Prisoner. It was a quirky series that really could only have been made in Britain in the 60s (and even then it’s surprising that it lasted 17 episodes). I’m a little nervous about the idea of modernizing the story. I do hope they keep some of the surreal elements which the series used (largely due to its budget constraints).

I’m also wondering who they would get to play Patrick McGoohan’s role of Number Six?

Source: Coming Soon - Nolan Near Deal to Direct The Prisoner

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3 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. andy

    were’nt the rumours that Christopher Eccleston ( dr who )was going too be number six,in this movie

  2. I’d forgotten about that, yes you’re right there were rumors connecting Christopher Eccleston to Number 6. However that was Sky One’s new The Prisoner TV series. As far as I can establish that was essentially wishful thinking on the part of the series producers though and he’s never been signed. Shame because he would have been good in the role.

    Actually now I’m wondering if a deal on a movie will have any impact on the Sky One series?

  3. andy

    just thought he had been picked to play number six in the movie..I know he’s been working in the states on a movie

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