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Contribute Your Knowledge to Fan History’s Science Fiction Section

Laura at Fan History contacted me to let me know that they are looking to develop expand their Science Fiction category.

Fan History is a fan run project which is dedicated to documenting the history of fandom (comics, movies, music and much more). Fan History aims both to increase interest in fandom and provide a comprehensive secondary source for academics. is a user editable mediawiki and they are looking for people to help build up the knowledge in the Science Fiction section. For those who aren’t familiar with the terminology, mediawiki is similar to the software that Wikipedia runs on and if you’ve ever visited that site then the structure of will be familiar to you.

Through, Fan History hopes to provide members of fandom with a resource to find links to communities in fandom and address the increased fragmentation that seems to be an inevitable result of web 2.0.

What’s great about these wiki sites is that you the users (and fans) are encouraged to contribute your knowledge whether to expand an existing article or to create new articles. Currently the Science Fiction category is a little sparse and that’s where you come in. Do you attend a convention that isn’t listed at Add it. Read an fanzine that’s not listed? Add it! Is your favorite website listed but the information is minimal? Submit additions!

You could start by expanding the article on Solar Flare… Or not.

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Eoghann Irving is amongst other things the creator and Editor of Solar Flare. He has a life long interest in all forms of science fiction and fantasy and a pressing need to share this interest with anyone who will listen. Find out more at his personal website

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