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Doctor Who Episode Guide - Tooth and Claw

Category: Doctor Who, Episode Guides, Science Fiction, Television
published October 12th, 2006

Table of contents for doctor who episode guide tenth doctor

  1. Doctor Who Episode Guide - The Tenth Doctor
  2. Doctor Who Episode Guide - The Christmas Invasion
  3. Doctor Who Episode Guide - New Earth
  4. Doctor Who Episode Guide - Tooth and Claw


The TARDIS takes Rose and the Doctor to the Highlands of Scotland in the 19th century where they come face to face with Queen Victoria. The Queen is on the way to Balmoral taking a precious cargo with her. They stop for the night at Torchwood House where they are attacked by Monks and something that seems very like a werewolf.

First Broadcast: 12nd April 2006
Running Time: 44′31″
UK Rating: 9.24 million
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Euros Lyn

The Doctor - David Tennant
Rose Tyler - Billie Piper
Queen Victoria - Pauline Collins; Father Angelo - Ian Hanmore; Lady Isobel - Michelle Duncan; Sir Robert - Derek Riddell; Captain Reynolds - Jamie Sives; Steward - Ron Donachie; The Host - Tom Smith; Flora - Ruthie Milne


  • Tooth and Claw heavily foreshadows the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood.
  • Dr. James McCrimmon, the name The Doctor uses is a reference to Jamie McCrimmon, one of the Second Doctor's companions
  • The Scottish accent that David Tennant uses in this episode is his natural accent

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