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We’re down to the final two episodes now and it’s obvious that Russell T. Davies has something big planned for his exit from the show. SciFi, being SciFi had already given away who the main enemy was, but there were still plenty of questions about what was going on.

Stolen Earth opened at a breakneck pace as the Doctor and Donna returned to Earth only to find it… stolen. And from here on it gets really hard to discuss this episode without getting into spoiler territory. Just warning you.

Pretty much the entire New Who cast is gathered together for this one: Martha Jones, Torchwood, Sarah Jane, Rose (with a very big gun!). And this is all before the credits roll.

Earth has been moved to another part of space along with another 26 planets and a space station. I know that there’s a lot of rioting going on, but I do wonder how Rose’s big gun doesn’t seem to get noticed. Then again once the spaceships arrive, there are bigger things to worry about. Yup it’s time for one more final face down with the pepperpots.

The last couple of outings for the Daleks were a bit of a letdown after their brilliance in the first season. This was a definite step up. They seemed genuinely threatening once again as they swarm across the skies, taking down the UNIT carrier amongst other things and wiping out everyone in their path.

Finally we get to find out what the Shadow Proclamation is (it’s been referenced a lot this season) and they don’t seem that impressive, just a rather bureaucratic police force. Its a little disappointing really after so many references.

They really went all out on the CGI for this one, the shot of the TARDIS spinning in space was really beautiful.

And of course we have to mention Davros. Missing since the Doctor’s return. Unlike some of the other aliens, Davros is largely unchanged. But he always did make an excellent egomaniac villain anyway. Perfect for this sort of story.

And what a cliffhanger to end on. Torchwood threatened, Sarah Jane facing extermination and the Doctor…

Well Sci Fi went and spoiled that bit didn’t they? Could they not have waited at least a minute before showing the preview for next week?

This isn’t an episode to be analysed or worried over. You need to just sit back and let it roll over you. It’s pure action from beginning to end and it’s an absolute blast. There’s some lovely character moments mixed in like Sarah Jane’s reaction to the Dalek’s, everyone’s reaction to Captain Jack, Rose’s slight resentment of Martha.

I love this episode!

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