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Eureka: Bad To The Drone, Review

Eureka returns for a third season with Bad To The Drone. The nice thing about this show is that it’s much more light hearted than most science fiction. Thats probably why it attracts such a large audience.

This episode quickly re-establishes the cast regulars and the status quo with a couple of conversations and then moves rapidly on to the week’s crisis when the “fixer” arrives to sort out Global Dynamics. When a demonstration of the Viper Weapon System results in a rogue attack drone flying over Eureka, things go from bad to worse.

The simple concept of Eureka is that Sheriff Carter is perhaps the “dumbest” person in town, but it’s that simpler outlook on life that allows him to resolve many of the problems that the geniuses create. The scene where he attempts to negotiate with the attack drone (nicknamed Martha) was wonderfully surreal as was his attempt to wrestle the drone.

Things take a darker turn though when the drone which had been entirely defensive, suddenly attacks Larry. How did the drone break free of its programming and what is it planning?

There’s lots of technobabble in this episode, but Eureka really isn’t about the science, it’s about the characters and this episode hit all the notes that make the show worth watching. A perfect mixture of action, humor and character moments. Though the “protective father” thing is being a touch over played.

In previous seasons there has been an underlying plot arc and it looks as though this will continue in season 3. Certainly this episode teases a lot of things that aren’t fully explored. It gets a thumbs up from me though for just being plain fun.

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