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Eureka: What About Bob, Review

Since the ideal episode of Eureka is fairly lighthearted and frothy they’re not the easiest things to review. Is very easy to end up saying the same things each week.

We open with yet another visit to the overly protective father protecting his daughter. It’s a cliche they use a lot on this show and the humor value is wearing a little thin.

More promising was us seeing the consumer research products lab at Global Dynamics. Not only does it make perfect sense given who is in charge now (corporate synergy you know) but it opens up opportunities for all sorts of new inventions that go wrong.

Henry is still in prison of course and obviously his future is going to be one of those bubbling under sub-plots that the series has done so well. As is the relationship between Allison and Nathan.

With shows like this its best to allow a healthy suspension of disbelief but I am wondering how the missing scientist managed to create a lab quite this big (12,000 acres of closed ecological system (lake, savanna, rain forest) in Eureka without causing massive collapses on nearby roads. It does make for a very cool visual though.

It isn’t just a cool visual mind you. The notion of a closed environment plays a central role in the problem that Sheriff Carter and Allison have to figure a way out of. And that’s one of the things I like about Eureka, if you accept the initial premise of the stories, the rest is generally logically sound.

It starts out as a simple case of finding a missing scientist, which turns into a case of sabotage, which then turns into… Well you get the idea. As a nice side-bar we have many of the residents of Eureka watching this all on television like it’s a reality show.

So another fun episode with a few hints of something bigger in the background. Henry’s pardon raises all sorts of questions about what Eva Thorne’s game is.

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