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Flash Gordon 2007 TV Series Episode Guide

In 2007 the Sci-Fi Channel launched a new Flash Gordon TV series. Trailers for the series even used the Queen song to promote the show. However the series took a radically different approach to the Flash Gordon mythology and the results were generally regarded as disappointing.

The season ran for a full 22 episodes, and no official announcement has been made by SciFi about its future, however it is unofficially believed to be considered a failure and to have been dropped.

Many changes were made to modernize the series but in effect they stripped it of what makes Flash Gordon. Perhaps one of the most fundamental changes was to replace rocket ships with “rifts”. While this was clearly much cheaper Flash Gordon without rocket ships is just not Flash Gordon. This also lead to an awful lot of time being spent on Earth instead of on Mongo.

Hans Zarkov (Jody Raciocot) is held against his Winabego by Flash in the 2007 Sci-Fi Channel television series.Image via Wikipedia
Perhaps one of the worst indignities was what was done to the character of Dr. Hans Zarkov, who in this show as little more than a paranoid buffoon for most of the episodes.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the stories were generally weak and while the actors did seem to fit the roles they had been cast in, the quality of the acting was frequently poor.

Flash Gordon 2007 TV Series Episode Guide

Steven “Flash” Gordon - Eric Johnson
Dale Arden - Gina Holden
Baylin - Karen Cliche
Dr. Hans Zarkov - Jody Racicot
Princess Aura - Anna van Hooft
Rankol - Jonathan Lloyd Walker
Ming - Steve Bacic

Season 1: 2007-2008
Title: Pilot Episode
Writer: Rick Rosenthal
Director: Peter Hume
Air Date: August 10th 2007
Summary: Flash discovers that his father is not dead but lost on the planet Mongo. He teams up with his ex-girlfriend Dale Arden to escape from the hands of Ming, the brutal dictator of Mongo.

Title: Pride
Writer: Derick Martini, Steven Martini
Director: Paul Shapiro
Air Date: August 17th 2007
Summary: Baylin, a bounty hunter who followed Flash home from Mongo, is stuck on Earth. Ming sends her husband to bring her back.

Title: Infestation
Writer: Melody Fox
Director: Paul Shapiro
Air Date: August 24th 2007
Summary: When an alien insect bites Flash’s friend Nick, Flash and Baylin travel to Mongo in search of a cure. Meanwhile Dale has to tend to Nick.

Title: Assassin
Writer: James Thorpe
Director: Neil Fearnley
Air Date: September 7th 2007
Summary: Flash’s father returns through the rift. But then Professor Gordon starts murdering his old colleagues.

Title: Ascension
Writer: Scott Murphy
Director: T.J. Scott
Air Date: September 14th 2007
Summary: Vultan (leader of the Dactyls) forces Rankol to open a portal and travels to Earth in search of his lost son.

Title: Life Source
Writer: Melody Fox
Director: T.J. Scott
Air Date: September 21st 2007
Summary: Athletes start to disappear and somehow Mongo seems to be the source.

Title: Alliances (Part 1 of 2)
Writer: Gillian Horvath
Director: Grant Harvey
Air Date: September 28th 2007
Summary: Flash, Baylin and Zarkov all travel to Mongo in search of information about Flash’s father.

Title: Revelations (Part 2 of 2)
Writer: James Thorpe
Director: Mick MacKay
Air Date: October 5th 2007
Summary: Prince Barn of the Verden agrees to marry Ming’s daughter Aura. But Ming is worried about a prophecy that predicts his overthrow.

Title: Till Death
Writer: Lisa Klink
Director: Morgan Beggs
Air Date: October 12th 2007
Summary: In an attempt to escape her arranged marriage, Aura travels to Earth with a love potion to use on Flash.

Title: Conspiracy Theory
Writer: Sheryl J. Anderson
Director: Rick Stevenson
Air Date: October 19th 2007
Summary: Zarkov is kidnapped and brought to Mongo by Rankol. Meanwhile a government agent has questions for Flash and Dale regarding the rifts.

Title: Random Access
Writer: David Tynan
Director: Patrick Williams
Air Date: October 26th 2007
Summary: When the barrier between dimensions breaks down, rifts randomly appear. Flash and Joe end up on Mongo working in a mine.

Title: Secrets & Lies
Writer: Peter Hume
Director: Mick MacKay
Air Date: November 2nd 2007
Summary: Ming tries to start a war between two cantons to disguise the fact that there isn’t enough source water. Meanwhile Joe is trying to convince his captain that Mongo is real and Flash and Zarkov must travel through a rift to prevent it’s detection.

Title: Sorrow
Writer: Melody Fox
Director: Patrick Williams
Air Date: November 9th 2007
Summary: Mongo celebrates Honor day, remembering the lives lost during its environmental collapse. But Ming arranges a brutal attack on the Verdan during the festivities.

Title: Stand and Deliver
Writer: Gillian Horvath
Director: Mick MacKay
Air Date: November 16th 2007
Summary: Ming is growing paranoid about the prophecy. Flash discovers that the Verdan are being sold as slaves.

Title: Possession
Writer: Andrea Stevens
Director: Patrick Williams
Air Date: November 30th 2007
Summary: Joe heads to Mongo trying to get proof that the alien world exists. Flash follows but they encounter a witch who steals Dale’s soul.

Title: Thicker than Water
Writer: James Thorpe
Director: Matt Hastings
Air Date: January 4th 2008
Summary: Flash and Aura are captured by a Deviant. Meanwhile Baylin and Zarkov are trying to find the lost rift blaster before Rankol does.

Title: Ebb and Flow
Writer: Sheryl J. Anderson
Director: Patrick Williams
Air Date: January 11th 2008
Summary: Rankol steals a lake from earth forcing Flash, Bayling and Zarkov to return to Mongol again.

Title: Blame
Writer: Melody Fox
Director: Rachel Talalay
Air Date: January 18th 2008
Summary: When contaminated water is supplied to the Cantons, Flash and Aura search for an antidote.

Title: Cold Day in Hell
Writer: Gillian Horvath
Director: Patrick Williams
Air Date: January 25th 2008
Summary: Flash travels to Frigia in an attempt to free their queen and face the final test in the prophecy.

Title: Revolution (Part 1 of 2)
Writer: James Thorpe
Director: Paul Shapiro
Air Date: February 1st 2008
Summary: Ming raids Frigia, leaving his city unprotected. Flash and Terek rally the cantons with Rankol now on their side. Flash frees his father from Rankol’s mind prison. Meanwhile on Earth Dale and Mrs Gordon are pursued by Government agents and forced to flee to Mongo.

Title: Revolution (Part 2 of 2)
Writer: Peter Hume
Director: Paul Shapiro
Air Date: Feburary 8th 2008
Summary: Terek attacks Ming, who uses Azura to repel Terek’s forces. Dr. Gordon and his wife are reunited after 13 years. Flash and Aura capture Ming who is placed in a death chamber. Ming escapes using Azura’s medalion. Flash’s parents return to Earth, but the others are left trapped on Mongo.

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  1. Ronald Stepp

    Good riddance, that thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about how Sci Fi Channel raped yet another classic treasure. God, what’s next… Flipper 2008, about a cyborg dolphin that works for the IRS tracking down offshore accounts and gets sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, travelling back in time to fabled Atlantis?

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