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Friedman Talks Sarah Connor Chronicles

Warner Brothers TV is producing a Terminator spin-off series called The Sarah Connor Chronicles for Fox TV. The new show will be set between Terminator and Terminator 2. The pilot for the new show will be directed by David Nutter and the executive producer for the show is Josh Friedman.

Friedman recently spoke to about The Sarah Connor Chronicles and his vision for the show. He had this to say:

“I would like to be able to explore as many different avenues of Terminator mythology as possible, I think to do a show that is a completely Terminator-less environment would probably not be, in the long run, a wise move or the most interesting thing.”

Friedman also indicated that the show won’t be a single serialized story, but rather stand alone episodes with a larger back story playing out. He indicated that he is using The X-Files as his marker for how to balance close ended and mythology stories.

Friedman noted that he is aware of the concern over the fact that James Cameron is not involved in this Terminator spin-off, but is confident that if people give the show a chance they will be impressed.

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One Comment, Comment or Ping

  1. jiman

    The Tv serie will be fun if we can see
    the build of the endoskeleton, flashback sequence with hunter killer
    I dont know the pilot of the serie,but it will be good to see an terminator send from the future to activate the project skynet.
    so terminators don’t have only one target but, many other.
    thanks… a TERMINATOR FAN

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