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Hell In A Cell

Peter David’s latest blog entry An Interesting Thought is sure to generate a lot of comments. Unfortunately the vast majority of them are exactly what you’d expect from any online political debate. Which is to say, boring, predictable and inflamatory all at the same time. That applies equally to both sides of the debate.

All of which misses the more interesting punchline of PAD’s post.

Bush and Saddam sharing a cell at the Hague.

I should write that. Be an interesting fiction piece.

And anyone who’s ever even had the slightest thought of being a writer ought to see the wonderful possibilities in a scenario like that. Two people and a single set. No action sequences to distract the reader. Just talking heads. That form of writing is an art-form all in itself. Its also, when done well, utterly fascinating and a wonderful way to explore both issues and character.

Some years ago, when I was still in the UK, BBC2 did a series where they took two historical characters and created a fictional scenario where these people met and interacted. The entire thing was of course fictional and pure speculation. But at the same time it was incredibly compelling. Were we getting insights into the characters of the historical figures? Well not really. But we were getting alternative viewpoints on them and in the process looking at other issues from a different perspective.

Sure, done badly it could just be a cheap bit of propoganda (for either side). Done well though, it could make you open up your mind and consider the other side. And isn’t that what Science Fiction is really about?

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