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Eureka: I Do Over, Review

Sheriff Carter is in a state over the upcoming wedding between Drs. Stark and Blake. If that isn’t bad enough for him his sister has arrived for a visit. Of course the romantic tension between Allison and Carter has been a recurring theme of Eureka since episode one so it’s easy to sympathize with him as he has to give her away to Stark.

Ever seen Groundhog day?

That’s what we get with I Do Over. Which must have made the folks at Degree pretty happy with the repeated shots of their anti-perspirant. But hey time loops are a solid science fiction concept.

Fortunately the show doesn’t waste too much time establishing the time loop so we don’t have to wade through ages of repeated dialogue before Carter starts trying to fix things. The set up also allows the writers to play with scenes and dialogue which can’t really happen in regular shows because they would disrupt the balance too radically.

They drag it out a bit though and I was starting to get bored before Carter really started to focus on the big problem instead of his emotional ones. It gets really interesting though when time starts bleeding through and Carter starts his day more and more injured each time. He may not have an unlimited amount of time to figure this one out.

Turns out a scientist has built a particle decellerator but he can’t reverse what he’s done. In the end of course Carter needs Dr. Stark’s help to put things right. But unlike most time travel stories there are consequences here. Big consequences.

And there’s the Eva Thorn storyline too. What was she up to while the wedding was going on?

Once again though we have a story where Carter is the only one who knows something is wrong and thus is in the position to fix it. It’s become a real crutch for the writers.

Nice moments during the show include Fargo’s moment of heroism, the Doctor Who reference and the introduction of Carter’s sister Lexxie who could be a nice addition to the cast if she’s sticking around for a while. I particularly liked her really wacky theory on how to end the time loop.

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