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Missing Metropolis Footage Found

Slice of SciFi has a report on the recent recovering of some rare footage from the the classic science fiction movie Metropolis which was directed by Fritz Lang. Apparently the footage was discovered in a museum in Buenos Aires. The version of the film that has been found contains scenes that have never been viewed by an open audience.

This is an incredible find. Metropolis was a ground breaking science fiction movie on a scale never before attempted. While many people are reluctant to watch silent movies, this is one you need to make an exception for. Stylistically Metropolis has influenced many subsequent works, most obviously Riddley Scott’s Blade Runner (not to mention a hoard of music videos).
The gynoid as featured in the film Metropolis.Image via Wikipedia
The original movie apparently ran for an epic 210 minutes. However the version that got distributed ran for a mere 90 minutes, however a restored version was recently released which runs for 117 minutes. This new find is reportedly the entire original version however. Some reports indicate that the film is in poor condition, but modern restoration techniques are remarkable.

There has been some talk of a remake of Metropolis, but personally I’d far rather see the original restored to its full glory. Fritz Lang was a remarkable director and I doubt that a modern version could exceed the original.

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  1. I would love to see both a restored version and a remake. Of course, technically a remake has already been made in METROPOLIS (

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