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New Cybermen Design For Doctor Who

The BBC have released a photo of the new design for the Cybermen who will feature in season 2 of the new Doctor Who series. As part of their press release the BBC describes the Cybermen as “as much a part of Doctor Who heritage as the Daleks”. These particular Cybermen are described as a “new, more deadly breeed of Cybermen who are out to convert humanity into their own kind.”

The Cybermen were last seen in 1988 and made their first appearance back in 1966, making next year their 40th anniversary. The original Cybermen were created by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis.

I’m not yet completely sold on this new Cyberman design. On the plus side I can see plenty of elements from earlier versions of the Cybermen. The light on the head, the teardrop eyes and the “handle head” are all very familiar. It also seems like I’m detecting the influence of design elements from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, but maybe I’m reading too much into it.

What I’m not so happy with though is that I think it looks maybe too robotic and the human elements are very hard to see in this Cyberman design. The Cyberman here looks clunky like the redesigned Cylons. I’ll have to see one moving before I know for certain if I like it I think.

New Cyberman Design

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4 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Richard Novak

    Ditto. The remaining human elements are what make the Cybermen so chilling. Definite Fritz Lang influence here. Always thought they were at least equal to/better than Daleks. Hopr the new look works.

  2. I also spotted a whiff of Metropolis, which in itself is cool enough to outweigh any cutesy flares (which looked a bit Marvin The Paranoid Android circa 2005). So, thumbs up from me.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they get around the “which one is talking?” issue. Early cybermen had headlamps which lit when speaking. The 80’s cybermen had transparrent mouthpieces so that you could see the occupant’s silver-tanned chin moving up and down whilst talking. Similarly, a Dalek flashed its lights when speaking. I can’t see any obvious lights on this design, so how will we know when a particular cyberman is speaking? Perhaps the eyes or mouth will light up. Otherwise we’ll be reduced to over-acted head-bobbing to indicate conversation, which will be pants.

    Is that a deliberate “C” logo on the chest too?

  3. Hmm. On closer inspection, maybe you’re right: the headlamp is back? There’s retro, and there’s naff; and I’m yet to be convinced where the headlamp sits.

  4. Gary Audas

    I agree that its how they move on screen that determines how the new design will work. Looking at the still I can’t help wondering if the suit is designed so that some of the armour is removable….? You can see a more human form between the body plating and the pelvis area - also the limb joints. Having seen how the Daleks revealed themselves inside their protective casing, maybe the new cybermen too will reveal the remains of a humanoid form? Having said all that my first reaction to the overall look is of disappointment. Too robotic and over-designed (as were the 80’s versions in my opinion). After all the cybermen are supposed to be emotionless, so surely would be more utilitarian and less designed in appearence? Had it not been for Star Trek, the Cybermen could have gone the route of the Borg design (they were conceptually at lease a rip off of the cybermen after all. Still, a still such as this can be misleading. Lets hope their appearance is as powerful as the new Daleks!

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