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Padmé Star Wars Fan Movie

At the San Diego Comic-Con, the Star Wars spoof Padmé won the George Lucas Selects Award beating out forty other finalists.

The movie is a parody of Juno but using characters from Star Wars creating a wry mix of teen dialog and the Dark Side of the Force complete with Star Wars versions of Juno’s songs.

Produced by Jason Ginsburg, Robert Reeves and Kevin Walsh, the movie has been a fan favorite since it’s release on Padmé was shot in five locations over five days on a very small budget and the producers not only served as their own crew but played many of the roles in the film. Lisa Vendette stars as Padmé along side Gerald Webb, Robin Johnstone and Riley Rose Critchlow.

The Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge is an annual short film contest sponsored by Lucasfilm and (a comedy website owned by MTV Networks). The 2008 winners will be featured on Spike TV this fall.

This one is well worth a few minutes of your time so hop over to It’s probably funnier if you’ve seen Juno, but there’s enough funny lines even if you haven’t.

Also worth a read if you want a laugh are various people getting their knickers in a knot in the comments section.

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