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Review: Doctor Who - Silence In The Library

Remember I said we hadn’t had any blow away brilliant episodes so far this season? Well Silence In The Library was written by Steven Moffat (soon to take the place of Russell T Davies as show runner for Doctor Who).

Right from the get go we’re given a library that supposedly exists in a girl’s mind. So how do the Doctor and Donna get there? Love the concept.

And it just gets creepier when the episode proper starts. Count the shadows the android tells them. A planet sized library and no one is there. How is the girl controlling a security camera? Who is turning off the lights. What is in the shadows? What casts the shadows?

And just when you think you know what the scenario is, suddenly a bunch of new characters arrive including someone who has a relationship with the Doctor. Just not one he’s experienced yet. There are a lot of layers built up in this story. It demands constant attention. Why doesn’t River Song answer Donna’s question about her future? How did she get a sonic screwdriver?
The current series console room, first seen in Image via Wikipedia
The episode just piles tension on tension. But Moffat doesn’t forget the little details either like the robots with a donated face. The book of the Doctor’s life carries a motif resembling the outside of the TARDIS. Data Ghosts, an impression of a living consciousness after death. Not only is that a great sci-fi concept, but it creates a very emotional moment in the middle of the story and really humanizes what was a fairly minor character.

This is Doctor Who at its best and I can’t wait to see the second half of this story.

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  1. Johnd

    After watching the episode I think The Doctor is starting to get a little full of himself. Do we really need someone we don’t know running around telling us how great The Doctor is while everyone is being killed & when did he get this thing for ugly middle aged annoying women.

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