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Seek The Six - Prisoner Site Online

I don’t normally post at the weekend, but I received an amusing little puzzle in the mail and thought i’d share.

I got two padded envelopes each containing a small card. When I placed one card on top of the other, I got a message directing me to the website Seek The Six. Which turns out to be a promotional site for the new version of The Prisoner.

I’m a huge fan of the original version of The Prisoner which starred Patrick McGoohan, so I’m certainly curious about what the new version will be like.

The village is not all that there is.

Play the game by selecting the pictures that contain the number six (or six items of something). Each time you pick a correct image you’ll get a line of text. Once you’ve selected all six you will be shown a picture of the new Prisoner followed by a picture of Ian McKellen (and the fact he is involved is a major plus in my book). You’ll also be given your number and asked for your email address so perhaps there’s more to come.

This sort of viral marketing is becoming increasingly common with The Dark Knight really having used it the most so far. It certainly suits the tone of a production like The Prisoner.

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