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Solar Flare Gets A New Look

I’m breaking my usual routine to post on Sunday because I’ve just launched a new look for Solar Flare.

I’ve been fighting with my own home made theme for a long time, trying to achieve a look that satisfied me and failing. Probably because I have the design skills of a 5 year old.
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I think the new look which is based on the publicly available Grid Focus theme gives the site a much more professional look. The three column design also allows me to better highlight the large quantity of posts and information available here at Solar Flare. I was also able to bring back a feature that I used to have here which was the Poll (vote!).

Along with the new look I’ve taken the opportunity to reduce the size and quantity of the advertising on the site. In all honesty Google Adsense isn’t a very effective for the science fiction niche anyway so why subject those of you reading to such large adverts. Advertising isn’t going away, I’m just trying to find more effective methods.

The next step is to get contributors to the site so we can cover a wider range of books, comics, shows and movies. I really want to be able to cover everything that’s going on in the genre, and that’s more than one person can even attempt to do.

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Eoghann Irving is amongst other things the creator and Editor of Solar Flare. He has a life long interest in all forms of science fiction and fantasy and a pressing need to share this interest with anyone who will listen. Find out more at his personal website

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2 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Eilidh

    Really like the new layout Eoghann, finding it much easier to navigate!

  2. Glad you like it. I’m still tweaking things a little, but it just looks a lot better now.

    I should stick to what I’m good at which is coding and writing and let other people do the design stuff.

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