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Solar Flare Is Looking For Contributors

Solar Flare: Science Fiction News is looking for contributors. I'm looking to make this blog a premier site on the web for coverage of all aspects of science fiction and fantasy. I want to take things to the next level and provide more information about a wide range of fantasy and science fiction. I'm particularly interested in reviews of books, tv shows, comics, films etc. Anything fantasy or science fiction related basically. Well thought out opinion pieces would also be welcomed.

Article Format

Solar Flare is a blog, and a certain format of article works best on this blog. Articles should be kept short and to the point. Concise reviews are preferable to long winded ones. Similarly an opinion piece should focus on one subject. If you have several subjects you want to cover, great, submit several articles.

Solar Flare has a relatively light-hearted and informal style. While doing my best to respect spelling and grammar rules, I try not to take my subjects too seriously. A style which reflects a little of the author's personality is preferable to sterile, journalistic writing.

I would also recommend short paragraphs and bolded sub-headings to break up posts of any length. But that is a recommendation, not a rule. I simply believe that increases the chance that a long article will actually be read online.

What Can I Write About

Almost anything if it relates to the science fiction or fantasy genres. Book reviews, author biographies, commentary on fandom, fantasy tropes you hate. Any and all of these things are good. Solar Flare reflects my belief that science fiction and fantasy should be an open minded genre and should not be limited by tight definitions of what is and isn't science fiction.

While I don't cover it regularly I do make occasional posts about horror related subjects as I firmly believe that overlaps with both science fiction and fantasy.

Of course I'm always looking for news items of interest too.

How To Submit

If you would like to contribute please use the Contact link at the top and bottom of every page to send me a sample of your work. Once we have discussed the sort of articles you would like to submit I will set you up with an account so you can submit the articles directly from the website.

Nothing will be published on Solar Flare without my approval, but I also won't edit or alter what you write without specifically getting your approval to do so.


So what do you get for submitting your carefully phrased thoughts to Solar Flare? Well about as much as I do. Which to be honest is just a feeling of achievement. At this stage Solar Flare pays for itself only so long as I don't include hours spent working on the site. In other words it pays for its bandwidth and hosting. So I'm not able to offer any financial incentive at the moment.

In the future I would like to offer some sort of profit sharing deal for regular contributors to the blog, but we need to get it to point it makes a profit to share first.

I will however be happy to promote you and your work in any way that helps. This site does pull in a some traffic and I will link to your website, plug your book (if you happen to have written one) and generally act like a cheerleader to send people in your direction.

Labor of Love

Solar Flare is absolutely a labor of love for me. This website has covered science fiction and fantasy in some form or another for over a decade. Its current form as the Science Fiction News blog is its most successful. With your help I believe it can become more successful still.

Eoghann Irving is amongst other things the creator and Editor of Solar Flare. He has a life long interest in all forms of science fiction and fantasy and a pressing need to share this interest with anyone who will listen. Find out more at his his website

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  1. your instructions are ‘register at top of page’, but this things at the bottom.

    chris dunns last blog post..A Bill Of Goods

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  2. The post you found is actually about 3 years old so it was referring to a much older site layout. The “related posts” system must have linked from my recent articles due to similar content.

    However, since I am once again looking for contributors, thanks for bringing the old post back to my attention. I’ve updated it with current directions for how to submit a sample article.

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