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Stargate Atlantis Ends With Season 5

The Sci Fi Channel has greenlit a two hour movie based on their Stargate Atlantis series. Sci Fi will of course have the television premiere for the movie which will aslo get a DVD release.

The Stargate Atlantis movie will be written by executive producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie and will follow Atlantis’ fifth and final season (which is set to conclude in January 2009). It seems at this new movie is a direct result of the two Stargate: SG-1 direct to DVD movies and their success.

Atlantis will reach the milestone 100th episode this January (which pretty much guarantees it can be syndicated from here to eternity either on Sci Fi or elsewhere).

This announcement also clears the decks for the third Stargate tv series which has been tentatively titled Stargate: Universe. The show’s producers had said they were reluctant to run the two shows concurrently. With Stargate Atlantis joining SG-1 on DVD, not only will Sci Fi have a gap in their schedules to fill, but the work load will be significantly lighter.

I can’t say I’m terribly sad about this news. I don’t feel that Stargate Atlantis ever hit the level of quality that SG-1 gave us, and I’m quite keen to see what another Stargate series could offer us. For those who are bigger fans of Atlantis than I am, at least you have the prospect of this and future movies.

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