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Stargate Atlantis: Search & Rescue Part 2, Review

Stargate Atlantis returns for its fifth season with Search & Rescue Part 2 which concludes Season 4’s closer. Nice pan out from the ruined building into space and across to Michael. I wonder how much they spent on that special effect?

This was actually the first episode of Atlantis that I watched in SciFi’s HD broadcast and the special effects in particular did benefit from it.

Unfortunately I’m really not a fan of Michael, I think he’s the weakest villain that Stargate Atlantis has had. Of course I think they made a huge mistake neutering the Wraith in the first place. This is a show that needs strong villains to distract from the rather paint by numbers nature of the Atlantis team.
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Jewel Staite’s Dr. Keller seems to have gotten lumbered with being the character who asks the obvious questions so it can be explained to the audience. But at least they have written her in such a way that she is a competent doctor, just out of her element elsewhere.

Trapping team members in a collapsed building is an old standby for tv shows, and there weren’t really any new twists here, but it was competently handled and kept my interest. The plotline with Teyla’s unborn child on the other hand was monumentally tedious. Particularly when the writers insisted on having the baby arrive at the most inopportune moment. I’ll admit the line “Can’t you just hold it in?” Made me chuckle though.

Quibbles aside though this episode kept a fast pace and there was no shortage of action. And if the team pulled of yet another daring rescue from an enemy ship… well after all the practice they’ve had they are experts after all. Of course Michael survived because I don’t think that Atlantis has successfully eliminated an enemy yet.

I have to say that I’m not sorry to see Samantha Carter being replaced as leader of Atlantis, she just never seemed to spark as well here as she did in SG-1. Which does make me wonder if some of these other actors would have fared better on SG-1 as well.

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