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Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Daughter, Review

The title of this episode had me very worried, bringing to mind all sorts of horrible possibilities. Fortunately they were laid to rest in the first 30 seconds. No convoluted continuity explanations here. More along the lines of cloning.

It becomes obvious very early on that the war the Doctor stumbles into is somehow being staged. Less clear is how he ends up in the middle of it.

Got to say…

Review: Doctor Who Season 4 - Planet of the Ood

Okay I’ve decided I like the opening theme. Sometimes it just takes me a while. The Ood appeared in a previous episode where they were used very effectively so I was looking forward to another episode featuring them. Once again I’m impressed by the special effects. It looks like they must have had a bigger budget this year or they’re using it much more effectively than before.
Image via Wikipedia
Initially Ood…

Review: Doctor Who Season 4 - The Fires of Pompeii

I still haven’t quite gotten used to the new version of the theme music, but it’s growing on me and it does suit the frantic pace of the show. As the title suggests, this episode was set in Pompei, so I was really looking forward to a classic Doctor Who historical adventure.

Like last week, it feels as though they’re overplaying the humor aspects of the show. Or perhaps its that…

Review: Doctor Who Season 4 Episode 2 - Partners In Crime

The second episode of the fourth season of Doctor Who brings back Catherine Tate in her role from the Season 3 Christmas special as Donna Noble. This episode has both the Doctor and Donna separately investigating a “revolutionary” diet pill.
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Tate’s role in Runaway Bride was largely comedic which worked fine for that episode, but I wasn’t at all sure how that would translate with her as a regular…

Review: Doctor Who Season 4 Episode 1 - Voyage of the Damned

Doctor Who returned for its fourth season with a visit to the Titanic. Not that Titanic, a space faring luxury liner named the Titanic. The Doctor, temporarily without companion is paired up with guest star Kylie Minogue.

Did I mention the new title music? I preferred the previous version, but it’s no big deal.
Image by stovak via Flickr
This was the extra long Christmas special with the spaceship Titanic visiting the planet…

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