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In a way this is the end of an era for New Who. Russell T. Davies was the architect of the Doctor’s return and his footprints are all over the last four seasons of the show, for good or bad. It’s fascinating to watch him try to link together as many threads from those seasons as possible in Journey’s End.

To make it that little bit more special we got an…

We’re down to the final two episodes now and it’s obvious that Russell T. Davies has something big planned for his exit from the show. SciFi, being SciFi had already given away who the main enemy was, but there were still plenty of questions about what was going on.

Stolen Earth opened at a breakneck pace as the Doctor and Donna returned to Earth only to find it… stolen. And from…

Doctor Who: Turn Left, Review

Last week we had the Donna light episode, this week it’s the Doctor light episode. I’ve actually really enjoyed the different atmosphere that Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) has brought to the TARDIS, but I wasn’t sure how well she would do as the center point of an entire episode.

The conceit is quite simple. What would Donna Noble’s life have been like if she had never bumped into the Doctor? The…

Doctor Who: Midnight, Review

In previous seasons we’ve had episodes that are Doctor and companion “light” in order to give the stars a little recovery time. This season they took a slightly different approach so this week we get a Donna “light” episode and next week it will be a Doctor “light” episode.

We’re also now at the start of a short run of episodes by Russell T. Davies to round out the season. That…

Review: Doctor Who - Silence In The Library

Remember I said we hadn’t had any blow away brilliant episodes so far this season? Well Silence In The Library was written by Steven Moffat (soon to take the place of Russell T Davies as show runner for Doctor Who).

Right from the get go we’re given a library that supposedly exists in a girl’s mind. So how do the Doctor and Donna get there? Love the concept.

And it just gets…

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