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Since N. E. Lilly hasn’t posted this, I thought I’d do an extra weekend update to let you all know that over at he has announced the winners of the Space Western Senryu Contest.

For those who don’t know (like me until I read about it), a Senryu is apparently a darkly humorous haiku that deals with human nature. In this case they had to had elements of both science…

Contribute Your Knowledge to Fan History’s Science Fiction Section

Laura at Fan History contacted me to let me know that they are looking to develop expand their Science Fiction category.

Fan History is a fan run project which is dedicated to documenting the history of fandom (comics, movies, music and much more). Fan History aims both to increase interest in fandom and provide a comprehensive secondary source for academics. is a user editable mediawiki and they are looking for people…

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series History of Science Fiction

When looking at science fiction in the first half of the 20th century you have to consider the pulp magazines. Many popular works of science fiction were serialized in magazines before they were published as novels.

The existence of magazines that specialized in science fiction allowed fans of the genre to connect and fandom to emerge for the…

Eureka: Bad To The Drone, Review

Eureka returns for a third season with Bad To The Drone. The nice thing about this show is that it’s much more light hearted than most science fiction. Thats probably why it attracts such a large audience.

This episode quickly re-establishes the cast regulars and the status quo with a couple of conversations and then moves rapidly on to the week’s crisis when the “fixer” arrives to sort out Global…

What is the Future of Science Fiction Short Stories

Warren Ellis made an interesting post recently about the health of the science fiction short story magazines (and as a result of the short story market).

No huge surprises, the magazines are in decline. Actually they haven’t declined nearly as badly this years as in recent years, but that might be because all that’s left is the hardcore audience.

There are some obvious problems with that of course. First off if the…

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