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The Dresden Files Episode Guide

The Dresden Files was a SciFi Channel original drama series which sadly ran for only one season. Based (with some noticeable alterations) on the books of Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files starred Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden, Valerie Cruz as Lt. Connie Murphy, Terrence Mann as Bob and Conrad Coates as Morgan.

In addition to the weekly cast there were a number of recurring characters:

  • Det. Sid Kirmani played by Raoul Bhaneja
  • Waldo Butters played by Matt Gordon
  • Justin Morningway played by Daniel Kash
  • Bianca played by Joanne Kelly
  • Ancient Mai played by Jane McLean and Elizabeth Thai
  • Laura Ellis played by Natalie Lisinska

Cruz as Grace Santiago in Nip/TuckImage via Wikipedia
The show was largely episodic although there were some elements of a larger arc. Unfortunately the SciFi Channel did not pick it up for a second season despite a vigorous fan campaign.

Note that the episodes are listed by here air date. They were originally intended to be shown in a different order.

Episode: 01
Title: Birds of a Feather
Original Air Date: 21st January 2007

A young boy approaches the only Wizard in the Chicago yellow pages asking for help dealing with the monsters he thinks are after him

Episode: 02
Title: The Boone Identity
Original Air Date: 28th January 2007

The ghost of a murdered girl can’t rest until justice is brought to her killer — unfortunately, he’s already dead.

Episode: 03
Title: Hair of the Dog
Original Air Date: 11th February 2007

When Dresden is invited to help solving a string of bizzare murders, he discovers that not only are there werewolves involved, but that they are the victims.

Episode: 04
Title: Rules of Engagement
Original Air Date: 18th February 2007

When a young woman enlists Harry’s aid to recover some stolen money, he soon finds that not only is evil at work, but his client is hiding something.

Episode: 05
Title: Bad Blood
Original Air Date: 25th February 2007

Dresden is hired by the vampire Bianca to act as her bodyguard. In order to pay off a previous debt to her Harry attempts to find out who is trying to kill her.

Episode: 06
Title: Soul Beneficiary
Original Air Date: 4th March 2007

Harry discovers a dark secret in Bob’s past after an apparently healthy man drops dead in Dresden’s office.

Episode: 07
Title: Walls
Original Air Date: 11th March 2007

A group of college students are using supernatural powers to commit robberies. But something is killing them off one by one.

Episode: 08
Title: Storm Front
Original Air Date: 18th March 2007

Harry finds himself in the middle of a gang war and he is suspected of having used Black magic. Note: A longer version of this episode was intended to have started the series off.

Episode: 09
Title: The Other Dick
Original Air Date: 25th March 2007

Harry has to take classes for his private investigator’s license. When his teacher is murdered he joins forces with the teachers assistant to find the kiler.

Episode: 10
Title: What About Bob
Original Air Date: 1st April 2007

Harry’s lover steals Bob’s skull and sells it to Dresden’s presumed dead uncle Justin Morningway.

Episode: 11
Title: Things That Go Bump
Original Air Date: 8th April 2007

After being ambushed by an enemy, Ancient Mai and Morgan hide at Dresden’s office/home. But they find that they are all now trapped an unable to leave.

Episode: 12
Title: Second City
Original Air Date: 15th April 2007

A former gang member manages to die of drowning miles from any water. Meanwhile Murphy’s father comes to Chicago and he has a few things to say about Harry Dresden.

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