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Thursday Bookworm

But its not Thursday! Okay so I’m late, I just found this and I don’t see why I should have to wait till next Thursday to start playing. So there! Anyway:

This week, a few random queries about the places where we do our best reading.

1. Do you read in bed before you go to sleep? What do you normally read in bed (books, magazines, the paper, etc.)?

Yes, books, lots of books. Well technically its my Sony Clie PDA, but I’m reading books on it.

2. Where is your favorite place in your home to read?

In bed. Turn the lights out, get comfy maybe some background music and just slowly drift off to sleep while reading. Perfect.

3. Do you ever read in the bathroom/bathtub?

If I have a bath I’ll read (not the PDA though!), but these days I’m usually having showers rather than baths.

4. Are you in the habit of carrying a book around with you in your purse/car/etc., in case you’re stuck waiting somewhere?

Always. I have my PDA in my pocket at all times and there’s always a couple of books on there I haven’t read.

5. Are you able to read with background noise, or do you have to read in complete silence?

Silence is good, but I can read in pretty much any conditions.

Bonus: If you were to be stranded on a desert isle and could only take one book with you, which one would it be and why?

Hmm. I’d hate to be limited to only one book, but if I had to then probably The Lord of the Rings. I’ve read it many many times and there’s just a depth to it which is missing from other fantasy works.

Eoghann Irving is amongst other things the creator and Editor of Solar Flare. He has a life long interest in all forms of science fiction and fantasy and a pressing need to share this interest with anyone who will listen. Find out more at his personal website

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