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Torchwood Season 1 Episode Guide

Torchwood is a spinoff from Doctor Who. Intended as a more adult program, Torchwood itself is an anagram of Doctor Who. The show was an instant success on British TV, but the first season drew a lot of criticism for gratuitous “adult” elements.

Gwen Cooper - Eve Myles
Owen Harper - Burn Gorman
Toshiko Sato - Naoko Mori
Ianto Jones - Gareth David-Lloyd
Rhys Jones - Kai Owen
Captain Jack Harkness - John Barrowman

Name: Everything Changes
Episode: 1
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Brian Kelly
Original Air Date: October 11th 2006

When the police are investigating a murder, Torchwood takes over. Gwen sees them revive the murder victim. She investigates further and meets the team. Having seen too much she is drugged and her memories of Torchwood are lost.

Name: Day One
Episode: 2
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Director: Brian Kelly
Original Air Date: October 11th 2006

Gwen has her first day at Torchwood and finds herself in trouble when she accidentally releases gas from a fallen meteor. The alien gas invades the body of a girl in order to satisfy it’s sexual needs.

Name: Ghost Machine
Episode: 3
Writer: Helen Raynor
Director: Colin Teague
Original Air Date: October 29th 2006

The team investigates a device that can see into the past. Gwen witnesses a boy who was evactuated in the second world war. Owen witnesses a murder and finds himself entangled in his story.

Name: Cyberwoman
Episode: 4
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Director: James Strong
Original Air Date: November 5th 2006

Ianto tries to save his girlfriend who has been half turned into a Cyberwoman. But when he finallly revives her she tries to upgrade everyone else.

Name: Small Worlds
Episode: 5
Writer: P.J Hammond
Director: Alice Troughton
Original Air Date: November 11th 2006

A man turns up dead in his prison cell. Jack soon realizes that something is going on. The team investigate as a small girl begins to show a connection with the strange creatures that Jack’s friend calls Fairies.

Name: Countrycide
Episode: 6
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Director: Andy Goddard
Original Air Date: November 18th 2006

Bodies have turned up in the countryside stripped of any flesh so the Torchwood team investigate. Their SUV is stolen and they find themselves split up with the creatures getting closer.

Name: Greeks Bearing Gifts
Episode: 7
Writer: Toby Whitehouse
Director: Colin Teague
Original Air Date: November 26th 2006

Toshiko meets a woman (Mary) in a bar who gives her a pendant that enables her to listen to the minds of the people around her. Using the pendat she is able to stop a murder. But Mary soon convinces her to help her get into Torchwood.
This image is of a screencap of the television series TorchwoodImage via Wikipedia
Name: They Keep Killing Suzie
Episode: 8
Writer: Dan McCulloch & Paul Tomalin
Director: James Strong
Original Air Date: December 3rd 2006

Torchwood use the resurrection glove to successfully resurrect Suzie. But Gwen is now being slowly shot through the head. Will Torchwood be able to reverse things?

Name: Random Shoes
Episode: 9
Writer: Jaquetta May
Director: James Eskrine
Original Air Date: December 10th 2006

Eugene Jones is dead and he watches as Torchwood investigate the cause of his death to discover what really happened.

Name: Out of Time
Episode: 10
Writer: Cath Tregenna
Director: Alice Troughton
Original Air Date: December 17th 2006

When a plane from 1953 lands in 2006 Torchwood give the passengers new identies and try to help them adapt to modern life. But can they?

Name: Combat
Episode: 11
Writer: Noel Clarke
Director: Andy Goddard
Original Air Date: December 24th 2006

Weevils are being kidnapped and people are turning up dead with Weevil marks on their bodies. Owen goes undercover as a seller of jellied eels and meets up with a man who offers him some excitement.

Name: Captain Jack Harkness
Episode: 12
Writer: Cath Tregenna
Director: Ashley Way
Original Air Date: January 1st 2007

Tosh and Jack find themselves somehow back in the 1940s during the blitz and meet the real Captain Jack Harkness. The rest of the team try to bring them back and meet a strange man who helps them.

Name: End of Days
Episode: 13
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Director: Ashley Way
Original Air Date: January 1st 2007

Things are popping up all over the city and the team is manipulated into trying to open the rift. Only Jack is standing in the way.

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2 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Kerebus

    Season one of Torchwood was incredibly uneven, Countrycide was really the only truly effective episode that delivered on the promise of the show being a “grown up” Doctor Who, which is ironic as it was the one episode which didn’t contain any overt SF elements. Most of the time the show simply proved it’s ‘adultness’ by having the protagonists being a bit sweary and with almost Carry-On levels of nudge-nudge wink-wink smut (not that there’s much wrong with smut when it’s done well!).

    Season Two, however, was awesome.

  2. maxx

    Season two was utter rubbish. There was a wonderful element here and there but it quickly got run over by the ludicrously idiotic behavior of well… nearly every character in the cast. If this is the way a “super-secret organization created to protect us from aliens coming through the rift behaves” god help us.

    I like humor as much as the next person but all of the running around screaming and shooting anything that moved made my head hurt. It was too dreadful, by and large, to even be called ‘uneven’

    So that said, I love Torchwood to death because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be back for series 3, which I will.

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