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Torchwood Season 2 Episode Guide

Torchwood is a spinoff from Doctor Who. Intended as a more adult program, Torchwood itself is an anagram of Doctor Who. The show was an instant success on British TV. The second season toned down the gratuitous sex and produced episodes of a more even quality. Freema Agyeman guested in several episodes as Martha Jones.

Gwen Cooper - Eve Myles
Owen Harper - Burn Gorman
Toshiko Sato - Naoko Mori
Ianto Jones - Gareth David-Lloyd
Rhys Jones - Kai Owen
Captain Jack Harkness - John Barrowman
Martha Jones - Freema Agyeman

Episode: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Air Date: January 16th 2008
Owen HarperImage via Wikipedia
Captain John Hart, a rogue Time Agent (played by James Marsters) is searching for something hidden on earth. What is his relationship with Jack and who’s side will Jack take when Gwen’s life is in danger.

Episode: Sleeper
Writer: James Moran & Helen Raynor
Air Date: January 23rd 2008

The team think that an alien presence might be responsible for deaths during a burglary. When they investigate they find that the whole of mankind is in danger.

Episode: To the Last Man
Writer: Helen Raynor
Director: Andy Goddard
Air Date: January 30th 2008

Toshiko has feelings for a soldier who is alive only one day each year. When a crisis that Torchwood foresaw some 90 years ago reaches its climax the future is in the soldiers hands.

Episode: Meat
Writer: Catherine Tregenna
Director: Colin Teague
Air Date: February 6th 2008

The team investigates Rhys when he becomes involved in a case about a strange alien meat supply. Gwen is forced to choose between her job and her boyfriend.

Episode: Adam
Writer: Catherine Tregenna
Director: Ashley Way
Air Date: February 13th 2008

An alien infiltrates Torchwood, altering their memories. Gwen does not remember who Rhys is, Jack is caught up in memories of his lost family.

Episode: Reset
Writer: J. C. Wilsher
Director: Andy Goddard
Air Date: February 13th 2008

The drug “Reset” seems to allow humans to conquer crippling illnesses. But alien parasites are at the heart of the drug. The team, joined by Martha Jones investigate.

Episode: Dead Man Walking
Writer: Matt Jones
Air Date: February 20th 2008

Jack uses drastic measures to resurrect Owen, but he opens the doorway to a terrifying evil. As the Weevils gather, Owen is the only one who can save everyone.

Episode: A Day in the Death
Air Date: February 27th 2008

Owen tells a lonely girl on a rooftop about a recent mission to retrieve an alien device. Toshiko pushes herself to the limit trying to help Owen.

Episode: Something Borrowed
Writer: Phil Ford
Air Date: March 5th 2008

Gwen wakes up on the day of her wedding to find she is pregnant by a shape shifting alien. And his life partner is eager to retrieve the spawn at the cost of Gwen’s life.

Episode: From Out of the Rain
Writer: Peter J. Hammond
Air Date: March 12th 2008

When the Night Travelers are released from captivity on film, they leave dehydrated victims in comas behind them. Torchwood tries to retrieve the essences held captive, but will they be able to recapture the Travelers.

Episode: Adrift
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Air Date: March 19th 2008

Gwen tries to find out what Jack’s connection is with the disappearance of a local teenager near the Cardiff Rift. When she stares into the heart of the rift itself, she uncovers a revalation about Torchwood itself.

Episode: Fragments
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Director: Jonathan Fox Bassett
Air Date: March 21st 2008

The Torchwood team is caught in an explosion and while struggling to free themselves they each recall the day they were recruited into the organization.

Episode: Exit Wounds
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Director: Ashley Way
Air Date: April 4th 2008

Captain John returns and blows up half of Cardiff. He takes Jack 200 years into the past. Meanwhile the remaining team have to stop a nuclear meltdown. What sacrifices will they have to make?

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