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Guardians of the Galaxy #4
Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artist: Paul Pelettier
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Guardians of the Galaxy gets a Secret Invasion tie-in this month. Which is a little odd because it’s not set on earth. But they make it work, sealing off the station and ramping up the paranoia. I’m still not quite sure what to make of Major Victory’s arrival. Is he part of the team or just part of a story arc? Nice to see Groot growing a little each issue, presumably it won’t be long before he is active again. Rocket Raccoon’s animosity towards Kosmo is an amusing note too.

Very interesting reveal about the creation of the Guardians of the Galaxy team and it does help to explain why such a strange group would agree to form in the first place. You really have to wonder though, once the information gets out (and it will of course) how can the team realistically continue to function. Bryan Hitch’s artwork remains wonderfull to look at and Millar is sticking to what he’s best at here with high octane action storylines. I’m enjoying the ride, I just have no idea where we’re going.

Fantastic Four #559
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Bryan Hitch
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The second part of Millar and Hitch’s Death of the Invisible Woman storyline raises a number of questions, but the biggest one in my mind is what Dr. Banner in Professor mode is doing running a new Defenders team. Well okay it’s not the biggest but it’s the one I’m most interested in. I guess the pink and purple guy (you know who I mean) is a bigger question mark really. You can’t complain about the cosmic and fantastic elements of this comic when this guy is captured.

The thing is that none of this seems to fit at all well into the Marvel Universe as its currently arranged. Which I’m fine with if it’s intended to stand on its own, it’s just I’m not sure whether it’s all going to be explained or not and that’s distracting me a bit.
Cover art from Inhumans #1 (Nov 1998) by Jae Lee.Image via Wikipedia
Secret Invasion: The Inhumans #1 of 4
Writer: Joe Pokaski
Artist: Tom Raney
Publisher: Marvel Comics

A second raft of Secret Invasion mini-series started and these stories are starting to feel a little samey. There’s only so many paranoia angles to go around. There are signs though that this particular series will continue the Inhumans storyline which has been meandering slowly from mini-series to mini-series.

The saga of the Inhuman family isn’t fast pace but it is quite interesting. Of course Black Bolt has been captured and replaced by a Skrull. But it turns out he isn’t the only Skrull in Atillan. And Maximums mainly sees this as an opportunity to reinforce his control of Atillan. I particularly like the Skrulls new secret weapon. It fits in perfectly with everything they’ve been doing.

Squadron Supreme #2
Writer: Howard Chaykin
Artist: Marco Turini
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The original Squadron Supreme was of course a thinly veiled version of the Justice League, Chaykin’s new Squadron seems to be gathering together stand ins for the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Captain America. Its a different tack, but I’m not sure what the point is when we have at least two versions of those characters anyway.

Chaykin does still seem to be going with the more realist approach that JMS was using, but two issues in I’m still not really seeing what the bigger picture is. There’s lots of currently unrelated subplots that will hopefully come together in the next four issues.

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