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Who Will Write Hulk?

Its been over the comics news sites for a few days now that Bruce Jones has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics. Which is great for him, but raises a question. Who will take over writing the Hulk? Now I was a big fan of Jone’s work on Hulk so I’m not happy to see him go, but it does raise an opportunity to see a new approach for the character.

Fans being what they are, many people have suggested that Peter David could be given the title again. Unfortunately for them it seems that, at least so far, he hasn’t been offered it according to his entry at He would however like you to stop telling him about Bruce Jones leaving. Apparently he knows. ;)

David also implies in his post that he really doesn’t expect to be offered Hulk back again. Which I’m going to say is a good thing. Now let me be clear. I think that Peter David’s run on the Hulk is perhaps the best that title has ever been. That run includes some of my favorite Hulk stories ever.

But I don’t want him back on the title. It seems to me that most often when creators return to a character they’ve done successfully before its never as good. I’m not sure if its the expectations or just that their best ideas for that character have already been used. Somehow though, it usually lets me down.

PAD had a good long run on Hulk. I’d much rather have him turning his imagination to other characters, instead of revisiting the scene of past triumphs.

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