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Will Dan DiDio Be Leaving DC Comics?

Over at they’re asking is DC Comics Heading for Major Shake-Up? And they’re asking it as a result of yet another round of rumors that DC Comics Executive Editor Dan Didio could be removed from his position.

It’s certainly not the first time that annoyed fans have started a rumor like that, but there seems to be more ammunition these days.
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People were already irritated after a year of Countdown, a weekly series that appeared to be directionless at best. To make matters worse when Final Crisis actually arrived, it turned out to have little or nothing to do with Countdown to Final Crisis at all. Which probably had a lot of fans feeling like they were being ripped off.

If that wasn’t bad enough Final Crisis isn’t exactly getting the glowing reviews that might be expected from a book like this and it’s selling less copies than rival Marvel Comics summer crossover Secret Invasion.

Final Crisis is supposed to be the end point of several years worth of storytelling at DC and it’s the event that DiDio has hung his hat on, so you can see why his position might look a little shakey. Still it’s best not to take internet rumors too seriously.

Perhaps the more interesting question, is if DiDio was to leave (for whatever reason) who should replace him as Executive Editor at DC Comics?

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