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Will Tim Burton Direct Dark Shadows?

Category: Films, Science Fiction
published June 3rd, 2008

According to FilmStalker there is a rumor going around that Tim Burton might direct Johnny Depp in a movie version of the old TV show Dark Shadows. Depp is apparently a big fan of the series and of course he does have quite a track record on film with Burton.

Dark Shadows was a gothic soap opera broadcast from June 27, 1966 to April 2, 1971 with a total of 1,225 episodes. Shot "live to tape" the show frequently looked a bit wobbly and by modern standards has a very high camp factor. There was a remake in 1991, but it only ran for 12 episodes. There have been a number of attempts at supernatural themed soap operas but Dark Shadows remains the most successful.

Burton of course has a strong affinity for the gothic with previous films which include The Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas and Sleepy Hollow.

Link: FilmStalker - Tim Burton directing Dark Shadows?

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1) no imageJohnd (Profile)

June 4th, 2008 -

I hope he Will make it more like Sleepy Hollow & less like Charlie & c. Factory.

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2) no imageEoghann (Profile) - Author

June 4th, 2008 -

I actually enjoyed Charlie & the Chocolate Factory as being closer to the book, but a Sleepy Hollow style would definitely be more appropriate for this one.

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