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Yet More Tweaking

I’ve been fiddling with the settings again. Tweaking and adjusting. I can’t help it, I’m obsessive compulsive like that. I always think things could be just a little better. There’s no radical changes this time, mainly some small adjustments.

I’ve re-worked the navigation on the right so that the constant navigation elements are always in the same place at the top of the page, just seems more intuitive to me. I also added a couple of new links, one to the home page and another to the archives list. I think that will make for easier browsing. The Calendar is history as I doubt anyone was using it.

I also added a Recent Comments block on the right, in the hopes of inspiring more of you to comment on the site. Feedback is a wonderful thing. Also notice the little email icon to the right of each post? That lets you send the post to anyone you think might be interested. Feel free to promote my site. ;)

I spent some time on the general interface too. It now looks almost identical between Internet Explorer and Firefox, which is what I’ve been working towards. Best of all the design now re-sizes for small screen’s as I’d originally intended it to do.

A few other tweaks to the look as far as spacing is concerned. Each post now has a an end symbol § just because I think it looks good.

Some of the restructuring was as much for the benefit of search engines as for my human visitors. By emphasizing post titles and moving the extra information (post length, date etc.) down the page, I’m hopefully letting Google et al. get the information they need to figure out what each page on the site is about.

I hope the end result benefits both humans and robots. I certainly feel that the end result is the main column is cleaner and less cluttered, letting you scan the posts quickly and see what interests you.

Fingers crossed I haven’t broken anything this time.

Eoghann Irving is amongst other things the creator and Editor of Solar Flare. He has a life long interest in all forms of science fiction and fantasy and a pressing need to share this interest with anyone who will listen. Find out more at his personal website

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