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Does Star Wars Have a Future?

I’ve written some less than complimentary things about modern Star Wars recently and I’m hardly the only one (though to be fair there are a number of defenders too). Over at SF Signal JP Frantz has announced that Star Wars Must Die! Don’t get too upset, he doesn’t mean it literally. What he’s looking for is a fresh new direction for Star Wars.

By coincidence this is a topic I’ve been…

What Makes a Fan?

The other day I posted the claim that There Is No Such Thing As Science Fiction Fandom. It was as I acknowledged in the article, an over-reaching claim. But I basically stand by the point I was making that fandom has splintered into many specialized form and there really isn’t an overall fandom at this point.

Over at dashPunk, C. E. Dorsett posted a rebuttal of sorts suggesting that it’s not…

The Deadbooks Project

I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I think it’s worth a moment of your time. The Deadbooks Project is described as a Hyper-Serialization of the Dead Books SF/Horror series by Hasso Wuerslin. The project launched last week (thanks to N. E. Lilly for linking to it in last week’s Internet News).

And what is Hyper-Serialization exactly. Well the intent seems to be to combine narration, actors, sound…

Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot!

While browsing through the instant viewing options on Netflix I found this treasure from my early childhood: Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot. This was one of my favorite programs when I was 8, and I still find it hugely entertaining 30 years later. They may have to surgically remove the stupid grin that’s on my face right now.

It can also be found on Amazon Unbox video download for…

Guardians of the Galaxy #4
Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artist: Paul Pelettier
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Guardians of the Galaxy gets a Secret Invasion tie-in this month. Which is a little odd because it’s not set on earth. But they make it work, sealing off the station and ramping up the paranoia. I’m still not quite sure what to make of Major Victory’s arrival. Is he part of the team or just…

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