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Yahoo Shuts Down SciFiNoir Discussion Group

I recieved an interesting email today about Yahoo! shutting down one of the online discussion lists that it hosts. In this case the group was SciFiNoir, a six-year old science fiction discussion list with some 485 members.

What concerned me most from this email was the statement that Yahoo not only gave no solid explanation for shutting down the list beyond a generic “you have violated Yahoo!’s terms of service” with…

Fictional Characters Get a Life

I have a friend who also collects comics and a few days ago he had made his way into the store of our local back issue dealer. Both he and the owner were having a general discussion about the comic industry when another regular customer, whom they both recognized, turned up and he naturally joined in as well.

The conversation moved over various themes as it progressed onwards until it arrived…

2004 Nebula Award Winners Announced

The Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) announced the winners of the 2004 Nebula Awards in Chicago on April 30th. The Nebula Awards are voted on by active members of the SFWA (currently around 1,500), an association which includes many of the leading writers of science fiction and fantasy.

  • Best Novel of 2004: Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Best Novella of 2004: “The Green Leopard Plague” by Walter Jon…

Doctor Who: World War III, Review

World War III felt more like an old school Doctor Who episode than any previous episode from this new series. Yet it was an episode that was very firmly fixed in our time, from the references to the subtle political jokes.

It was nice to see a “running along corridors” scene in the new Doctor Who, even if it ought not to have been necessary with their current budget and vastly…

Battlestar Galactica Uses Dynamite To Blast Back Into The Comic World

The Sci-Fi channel television series has been a major hit, now officially confirmed as the highest rated science-fiction show on American networks. Filming begins on season two very soon and because of this we are starting to see promotional tie-ins with some other media formats.

The show is now rumored to be moving back to the comic�s field with independent comic�s publisher Dynamite. No word yet as to exactly which creators…

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