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Lord of the Rings Minimates

Perhaps I’m out of touch and everyone knows about Minimates, but I didn’t and when I found this Lord of the Rings Minimates pack on Amazon, I just thought it was awesome. I particularly like the small touches. Notice that Aragorn has stubble on his face.

Then of course there’s “Twilight Frodo” who’s invisible so they make him out of clear plastic. Why did no one tell me about Minimates before?…

You Can’t Enjoy It If You Don’t Let Yourself

Ken MacLeod has an interesting post on his blog about the state of Science Fiction, past. This is an interesting departure from the usual discussions of what is wrong with Science Fiction, present. Actually MacLeod isn’t lamenting the sorry state of past SF, but pointing out that contrary to what he has previously said, there was actually some good stuff back in seventies.

Its an interesting read as is usually the…

Comments Working Again

Okay, so I broke the comments… again. And now I’ve fixed them… again. You know you guys could drop me an email and let me know when things like that happen hmm?

Solar Flare Welcomes New Writer

I’d like to welcome Panelologist on board as a new regular contributor to Solar Flare starting today. Not only does he have a strong interest in science fiction and comics but he has been a contributing writer to several technical journals. So I’ll have to be careful or he’ll show up my amateur scribblings.

Panelologist will be providing much needed depth to Solar Flare’s coverage of comics. There’s a lot going…

Interview with Joe Flanigan of Stargate Atlantis has an interview with actor Joe Flanigan who plays Major John Sheppard in the Sci Fi Channel’s series Stargate: Atlantis.

It’s a decent length interview where Flanigan talks about his character and how he views the show. He reveals that he’s actually written an episode for the second season that has the working title “Epihany”.

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