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Lightsaber Remote

Custom Phones has the essential present for the Star Wars geek in your life. The Lightsaber Remote!

Modeled on Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, its a universal remote that has a huge library of codes in it. More importantly when you press a button you get the lightsaber sound and a light.

Okay, I question whether the shape of this remote is actually very convenient as a remote. Plus it costs $75 which is…

Black Friday Fun

Well we took it pretty easy this year for Black Friday. We got up just before 6am, drove a few minutes down the road and popped into Staples. I love Black Friday shopping at Staples, they always have the sort of deals I’m looking for and without the crowds you’ll get at Wal-mart or Best Buy.

We picked up a free surge-protector power strip, 2 packs of 40 DVD+R disks (should…

Layout Tweaks

As I often do, I’ve been tweaking the site according to my current moods. No major changes this time. I’ve brightened up the color scheme a bit with a light blue instead of a dark blue. Seems perkier.

I’ve also incorporated a new logo and adjusted the layout to accomodate it better. All in all I think the changes are an improvement. Constructive criticism is always welcomed though.

Lacking Taste

SciFi Signal recently ran a poll that I thought was particularly interesting. Their question was:

Have you ever been unable to complete a Hugo or Nebula Award winning book because you disliked it so much?

The reason I find this so intriguing is that I have a very strange relationship with critically acclaimed works. I frequently don’t like them. Sometimes I can appreciate their cleverness, or subtlety but simply get no pleasure…

Weight Loss Surgery. The Easy Option?

There was a discussion over on the Tivo Community Forum about weight loss surgery that got me a little worked up. I posted a rant over there, but I’ve decided its worth posting here too.

My wife has lost roughly 187lbs in the 21 months since her weight loss surgery. It�s stopped now since she’s pregnant with twins (kind of hard to lose weight with that going on).

This isn’t something I…

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