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Layout Tweaks

As I often do, I’ve been tweaking the site according to my current moods. No major changes this time. I’ve brightened up the color scheme a bit with a light blue instead of a dark blue. Seems perkier.

I’ve also incorporated a new logo and adjusted the layout to accomodate it better. All in all I think the changes are an improvement. Constructive criticism is always welcomed though.

Lacking Taste

SciFi Signal recently ran a poll that I thought was particularly interesting. Their question was:

Have you ever been unable to complete a Hugo or Nebula Award winning book because you disliked it so much?

The reason I find this so intriguing is that I have a very strange relationship with critically acclaimed works. I frequently don’t like them. Sometimes I can appreciate their cleverness, or subtlety but simply get no pleasure…

Weight Loss Surgery. The Easy Option?

There was a discussion over on the Tivo Community Forum about weight loss surgery that got me a little worked up. I posted a rant over there, but I’ve decided its worth posting here too.

My wife has lost roughly 187lbs in the 21 months since her weight loss surgery. It�s stopped now since she’s pregnant with twins (kind of hard to lose weight with that going on).

This isn’t something I…

scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner commercial

No, I’m not sure what that is a reference too either. But it is a search term that someone used today. And not only that but in using it they somehow got pointed to my site.

Off the top of my head I don’t think I’ve ever referenced scrubbing bubbles in a post (until now) or indeed shower cleaner products in general never mind their commercials.

Sadly when I tried the same…


Nuketown is a site with a mission. Its tag is “A libertarian science fiction webzine” and thats what you’re going to get when you vist.

Kenneth Newquist has been running this site in one form or another for a long time by web standards. Longer I think that there’s been any form of Solar Flare. And that goes back 6-7 years now. Like Solar Flare, Nuketown has undergone some changes in…

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