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Which to Pick?

There are three games that have come out for the PS2 this month that I’m really interested in. Problem is that I have kids on the way. Have I mentioned that enough recently? So I’m supposed to be saving money. Not to mention I’m getting kind of busy.

Smackdown vs. Raw is the latest in the series of WWE wrestling games for the PS2. I’ve bought the previous three games in…

Reasons To Have Sons

So I’m having twins, two boys as it turns out. And its a lot of work (this is before they actualy arrive so you know it’s going to get worse). But every now and then I see things that remind me why having son’s is just going to be cool. For example:

Its a 1:6 scale remote control Cadillac Escalade. The box is 35.8″ x 15.9″ x 15.1″ and weighs 13.65…

Once In A Blue Moon

According to the folks at Nasa, we’ll have a blue moon on July 31st. Well actually it won’t look blue, it’ll look greyish like it normally does. However, technically as the the second moon in a calendar month, its a “blue” moon.

Turns out though that there are occasions when the moon looks blue (or sometimes red). You can read all about it over at the Nasa site. Its not exactly…

Oh Boy!

Well my wife and I went to the doctor’s today for the first sonogram. She’s pregnant again, although up to now we’d not been telling anyone. Its week 5 and things have been going better this time, so we were hopeful, but after the last time it just seemed easier not to say anything for a while.

Anyway week 5 is very early of course so we weren’t able to see…

Set The Fiction Free

So I’m thinking.. no really I can do that, its difficult but if I concentrate and squint just so…

I’m back on the topic of ebooks again or electronic publishing in general. I think its fair to say that ebook publication is generally seen as inferior to “real” paper publishing. Most authors focus their efforts heavily on getting a real book out on the shelves.

Obvious reasons for doing this include the…

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