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Jim Henson’s The Cube At iTunes

I think it’s safe to assume that anyone reading this will recognize the name Jim Henson. The Muppets is usually the first thing that most people think of. SciFi fans (those of you reading this most likely) are likely to point to The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth.

But how many of you have heard of The Cube? I hadn’t until recently. The Cube was an hour long episode of an NBC…

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series History of Science Fiction

This was a decade dominated by war. The First World War erupted in 1914 and ended in 1918. In the midst of this and other conflicts the Russian Revolution occurred. Inevitably all of this turmoil affected the works produced during this period.

Scientific advances continued however with an increased interest in electronics. One significant breakthrough was Albert…

Are Worlds Bigger Than Their Creators?

In recent weeks the Dragon Page’s Cover to Cover podcast has discussed the issue of authors writing books in another author’s world, specifically
“zombie novels” where the original author is dead. The specific case that started the discussion was the news that there would be a new Null-A novel by John C. Wright. The World of Null-A is a novel by A E van Vogt which was published in 1948. That…

Help Me Write A Knol On Science Fiction

I’ve created a Knol on Science Fiction and I’m looking for people to help me edit and revise it.

Knols are a new Google concept and are intended to be comprehensive articles on a particular subject. I have created a basic outline but I am looking for people to help me populate it with key information on authors, movies, awards and other key information about the science fiction genre.

I’ve set…

Why British SciFi Television Is Better Than American

This one will ruffle some feathers. Okay full disclosure. I’m British. I live in America but I spent the first 28 years of my life in Scotland so I am unquestionably British. Maybe I’m biased.

But I’m not wrong.

Even Britain’s obscure or failed science fiction shows have a greater range and imagination than the majority of the scifi output from American television. I don’t think the distinction is nearly so clear…

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